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We have compiled the most important questions regarding the Energy Efficiency Award here.

Why should a business participate in the competition for the Energy Efficiency Award?

Beside the prize money of 30.000 Euros in total, the communications effect of the Award is not to be underestimated. Businesses that were awarded the Energy Efficiency Award position themselves in the field of responsible, innovative, and economically acting businesses. Especially the winners will be subjects of high media interest.

The application itself provides several advantages. The content of every application for the Energy Efficiency Award will be closely examined by dena-employees. This creates professional attention in the field of energy efficiency. Businesses and their energy efficiency projects become well-known to the dena, which performs as a mediator between politics and economy and fulfills important consulting functions.

If your business is nominated for the Energy Efficiency Award , the energy efficiency project will be involved in the communications of the competition. Additionally all contestants receive official communication means in order to publish their success.


Which businesses can apply for the Energy Efficiency Award?

The competition is open to all private and public businesses, regardless of the size or field of the business.  Businesses that are directly or indirectly part of the public sector are eligible for the competition as well. However, the business must be legally existent and economically active. 
Both single and cooperative applications can be made This means that a project your business realized on ist own can be handed in as a single application. Otherwise two or more businesses are allowed to submit a joint application, if they either want to or plan to put a project into practice together (cooperative application).
Businesses and subsidiaries of the project partners of the competition are excluded from the competition.


Am I allowed to submit multiple energy efficiency projects?

The Energy Efficiency Award honours outstanding energy efficiency projects developed by businesses. Since the project is the main focus of the competition, you are allowed to hand in multiple energy efficiency projects or concepts at the same time. However, these must differ in terms of content and organization.

The option to hand in multiple projects in supposed to accommodate businesses with many sites and providers of energy efficiency products and services that were put to practice elsewhere. It is not allowed to apply with duplicated energy efficiency projects such as single applications of branch offices (belonging to one and the same company or business) that all implemented the same measures of the same project.


What will happen to my data?

 All submitted documents and information will be treated confidentially. Only employees of dena and members of the jury will be allowed to access them. The jury members are also explicitly bound to this confidentiality.

Assuming that you have agreed with promotional communications in your application, the dena reserves the rights to inform your business about possible cooperation, communication,  public events and energy efficiency measures based on information known to the dena. You want us to delete your data? Please contact us directly via E-Mail.


Does the participation in the Energy Efficiency Award involve any costs?

Participating in the Energy Efficiency Awards is free! There are neither participation fees nor an administration fee. Please note that costs can arise from personnel-costs for filling in and submitting your application or due to travelling costs in case your business is among the winners of the competition and will receive the award on the 26th of November 2018 in Berlin. All of these costs are subject to the businesses discretion and will therefore not be reimbursed by the dena.


Who decides about the prizewinners?

The selection of the award-winners will be made by a specialized jury which includes agents of politics, economy, science and trade publications. The jury will give reasons for its decision in written from. The decision of the jury is not contestable.


Which criteria are crucial for the selection of the prize-winning projects?

All registered contributions to the competition will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • energy savings: in this category the reduction of required energy before and after the implementation of efficiency measures is rated.
  • climate protection: In this category the diminishing of CO2 is rated. In order to achieve a better comparison the energy savings are assessed with unified emission factors for energy sources (GEMIS).
  • economic efficiency: In this category the cost savings that resulted from the efficiency project and the investments are considered in relation with each other.
  • transferability to other businesses: In this category e.g. the market potential regarding similar projects in other businesses is evaluated.
  • degree of innovation: This category evaluates how far a project used considerable improvements in technology, production methods, organization, or multiple of these aspects. Besides that a pushing stimulus for further developments will be taken into account.

You can earn additional points in case your project has a special effect on one of the categories of the Category Awards.

When will the award winning- projects be announced?

The Nominees will be announced in October in a press release by the dena. All nominees will receive a written invitation to the dena-congress in Berlin. Also all non-nominees will be directly informed by dena. The award-winning businesses will be announced at the formal presentation of awards on the 26th of November 2018. The winners will appear in a press release which will be sent to international media.

I have further questions- whom can I ask?

The competition team of the dena is responsible for answering your questions.

E-Mail us or call +49.30.726.165.830

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The German Energy Agency (dena) awards the Energy Efficiency Award since 2007 within the framework of the Initiative for more Energy Efficiency. The Federal Ministry of Energy and Economics encourages the international competition, which was organized with the kind support of its premium partners Danfoss GmbH and KfW. 

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