The Category Awards

Apply for one of the three category awards of Energy Efficiency Award

The international prize for energy efficiency is awarded in the categories: “Energy Transition 2.0”, “Energy Efficiency 4.0” and “Energy Management and Services”. User-driven energy efficiency stands at the center of the competition. In this way businesses can show, how technological know-how and strategical decision making contribute to an integrated, future-compliant energy system.

Private and public companies were invited to submit their projects by July 31, 2017

All private or public businesses can apply, if they have either improved their energy efficiency by modifying existing installations or have created something new. The application for one of the category awards can be made via the online platform of the competition. Please note that the category can only be awarded to projects that are fully completed. Alternatively, concepts can be handed in for the “Concept Award”. The applications must be made by a person involved in the project. Concerning this it does not matter whether the business one is involved in planned, executed or received the efficiency measures. The application form asks for detailed information about the business, the completed energy efficiency measures and the results of these measures.

Category Energy Transition 2.0

The first Phase of Energy Transition has been characterized by the successful extension of renewable energy. Contrasting this the second phase is a user-oriented phase that is being characterized by the sectors electricity, heat, traffic and industry growing together. Currently, multiple business and technology players are facing the question how this interplay will work on the market. Thus, almost daily new products, processes and business models that affect energy efficiency are created. Show us your attitude, show us how you succeeded in heightening energy efficiency in your business and contributed to energy transition at the same time.

Energy Efficiency 4.0

Digitalization of businesses often results in automatization of production, processes and service offers. Therefore, the main focus of this category combines energy efficiency and industry 4.0. The availability of digital data and the possibility to process them is highly important for energy efficiency. In this way information about energy streams can be used for the efficient optimization of processes and installations or may even be integrated into highly efficient cross-sectional technologies.
Did you successfully employ process-optimization, cross-sectional technology, or digitalization? If so, please apply for this category.

Energy Management and Energy Services

With systematic energy management, machines and installations, as well as energetic processes of a business are examined in order to enable an increase in energy efficiency. This examination can be performed by specially trained employees or by external experts. The usage of competences that are far from the companies core services has led to a notifiable high number of services which increase the energy efficiency.

You successfully perform energy management in your business? You execute your efficiency project being supported by public funds? You were able to finance your energy efficiency measures in a clever way? You take part in an energy efficiency network and you have clear results regarding energy efficiency? If so, please apply in this category.

All applications that are handed in will be evaluated by a jury of international experts according to unified standards. In the foreground there will be: energy saving, climate protection, economic factors, degree of innovation and transferability onto other businesses.

Additional score can be achieved if the accomplished measures have a special effect on the current challenges of energy transition. An example would be the deployment of energy storage, the integration of multiple energy sectors, or an innovative financing model.

The nominees will be announced on the 18th of October 2017. The Award ceremony will take place as a part of the dena-congress on the 20th of November 2017 in Berlin.

The German Energy Agency (dena) awards the Energy Efficiency Award since 2007 within the framework of the Initiative for more Energy Efficiency. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy supports the international competition, which was organized with the support of its premium partners Danfoss GmbH and KfW.

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